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Through its collaborative research platforms, ICA nurture deep reflections about our individual, interpersonal, cultural, sexual, gender, and ecological identities; how they shape our worldviews, and asks the question- ‘How do we truly collaborate for the Earth?’, leading to a collective exploration of the relational nature of our identities, both within and without.

Rigorous processes at ICA collaborative research platforms allow novel insights in to our relationship with the Earth to come to the forefront, and develop innovative practices to apply these insights to transform collective consciousness.

ICA’s first collaborative research platform in 2021:

Eco-centric Perspectives in Environmental Education, Sustainable living and Leadership – An Indo-Australian Collaborative Research Platform


1. Weaving indigenous wisdom & academic perspectives towards an emergent transformation of environmental leadership.
Knowledge output: A Publication documenting the process, the different perspectives, and emerging insights
Transformational output: A collaboratively designed course in environmental leadership

2. An artistic collaboration that weaves songs from the land, both from India (folk/tribal songs) and Australia (aboriginal songs), that sing of human-nature relationship
Artistic output: A short documentary of the songs, relationship with land/nature, history, politics, interview of singers and the process of collaboration & a music video.

Collaborators: Indian & Australian – Indigenous leaders, scholars, environmental educators, philosophers, artists & custodians of songs.

Tentative timeline : Jan-March 2021- invitations & Design proposal; April 2021- Setting up of platform and research process; May-Jul 2021- Research & documentation; Aug- Dec 2021- Publication, Song & video production & Design of course; Jan-March 2022- Running Course

Please write to us at, if you would like to collaborate/ participate or know more about this research platform

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