Research Platform

Through its collaborative research platforms, ICA nurture deep reflections about our individual, interpersonal, cultural, sexual, gender, and ecological identities; how they shape our worldviews, and asks ‘How do we truly collaborate for the Earth?’, leading to a collective exploration of the relational nature of our identities, both within and without.

Indo-Australian Collaborative Platform
2021 – 2022

Ecocentric Perspectives in Environmental Leadership, Regenerative Living, Community Climate Adaptation and Resilience

Courses & Workshops

ICA transformational learning journeys enable an inner state of being that is at once, a reflection of one’s love for the world, and one’s sense of deep responsibility for its conservation and restoration. It inculcates empowered action that is in alignment with the purpose of one’s life, one’s inherent and acquired skills and talents, and one’s desire for healing change in the world.

Requiem for Lost Species

How do we respond regeneratively to the loss of life happening on Earth?

Inner Climate Academy (ICA)

ICA is a project of Social Entrepreneurship Association, a unit of the Auroville Foundation.

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