Earth Stewardship Model

ICA aims to transform the nature of current environmental leadership to an Earth stewardship model

Interconnection: Profound sense of interconnection to the living ecosystems of the Earth- resulting from deep inner inquiry, interpersonal and collective work to transform long-held despair and grief, limiting belief systems and conditioning, a deep appreciation and understanding of the complexity of living systems, indigenous thinking and integration of our Ecological Selves.

Empowerment for Justice and Harmony: Individual and collective empowerment to act towards creating a restorative, regenerative culture that nurtures social, ecological, healing and wellness justice and harmony for all beings, through understanding of privilege, appreciation for shared resources of the Earth and transformation of human species from consumers to restorers.

Duty of Care as a Species: A shared sense of responsibility and urgency as human species, to care for and support each other and the Earth through the current, unprecedented crises of multiple dimensions- most significant of which is the human-induced ecological crisis brought upon by climate change and biodiversity loss.  

Living, Thriving State of Being: A state of being that is alive and thriving as a reflection of our love for the Earth and our courage to allow the current state of the world to move us deeply from the core of our being; and the joy of working towards restoring the health and wellbeing of all beings, through strength and resilience arising from shared vulnerability and authenticity.

Inner Climate Academy (ICA)

ICA is a project of Social Entrepreneurship Association, a unit of the Auroville Foundation.

We rely entirely on funding from grants and other donations to fulfill our vision, mission & purpose.

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