Emerging Leaders Forum

A programme on Ecocentric Perspectives in Environmental Leadership, Regenerative Living, Community Climate Adaptation and Resilience

This forum brings a select group of emerging leaders, to undertake a journey of inquiry into ecocentric perspectives. The ICA team, along with academics and Indigenous leaders, guides the group through a collaborative research process to inquire how this perspective can impact their environmental leadership and consequently, the projects they work on.

Program Objective

Global, cross-cultural exchanges, dialogues, and inner inquiry on ecocentric perspectives and indigenous worldviews to transform environmental leadership into an Earth Stewardship resulting in the healing of our relationship with the Earth.

Program Structure

This is a two-year program consisting of community engagement, co-design, and planning in the first year. The first half of the second year consists of the selection of the forum participants and an active forum for six months. During this time, the selected participants are engaged on a weekly basis with talks from academics, Indigenous elders, online facilitated sessions, a physical retreat, home assignments, and peer-to-peer learning sessions for four months, followed by two months of co-working sessions on collaborative projects and creative endeavors as an outcome of their insights and inner research and exchanges on the forum. The second half of the second year is focused on harvesting learnings from the program, publishing research outcomes, and disseminating all the knowledge and media outputs from the program.

Target Beneficiaries

Apart from the forum participants and their immediate networks, there are other beneficiaries- networks, projects, communities, and organisations engaged during the first phase of the program to introduce the need for such a forum and their participation in it as collaborators, experts, artists, contributors, advisors to codesign the forum sessions. It also nurtures collaborations among this diverse group. This allows for two levels of engagement to introduce ecocentric perspectives and Indigenous worldviews to the current climate leadership.

Meta- Questions for ELF Action Research Framework:

How can climate leadership shift from only focusing on technical solutions to including eco-centric perspectives? How can a program like ELF support leaders in this shift? How do cross-cultural exchanges & Indigenous, traditional worldviews contribute to this?

What is the ethical, reciprocal, respectful, and equitable way to invite indigenous leaders to share their perspectives with non-indigenous peoples?

What values would an integrated just ecological leadership in the world embody? What challenges come in the way of incorporating seemingly conflicting values and ideologies with the realities of the world?

” If dominating and destructive relations to the Earth are interrelated with gender, class, and racial domination, then a healed relation to the Earth cannot come about simply through technological ‘fixes’.
It demands a social reordering to bring about just and loving interrelationship between men and women, between races and nations, between groups presently stratified into social classes, manifest in great disparities of access to the means of life.
In short, it demands that we must speak of eco-justice, and not simply of domination of the earth as though that happened unrelated to social domination.”

– Rosemary Radford Ruether

Inner Climate Academy (ICA)

ICA is a project of Social Entrepreneurship Association, a unit of the Auroville Foundation.

We rely entirely on funding from grants and other donations to fulfill our vision, mission & purpose.


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