Indo-Australian Collaborative Platform 2021

Ecocentric Perspectives in Environmental Leadership, Regenerative Living, Community Climate Adaptation and Resilience

This collaborative project aims to weave Indigenous wisdom & academic perspectives towards a transformation of environmental leadership.

It provides space for: 

A dialogue and inquiry on Indian and Australian Indigenous thinking and cosmologies, traditional knowledge and how it applies to environmental leadership, climate adaptation and community resilience. 

An understanding of ecocentric perspectives from current research and how it can influence policy making, democratic functioning, and regenerative living. 

An engagement with wider audiences on stories of extinct and critically endangered species, related loss of cultures, cosmologies, and ways of living, through awareness campaigns. 

Collaboration amongst researchers and scholars on Ecocentric perspectives (in India & Australia) through research colloquiums. 

The project comprise of 4 strands :

Emerging Leaders forum

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This forum, panning 6 months, brings a select group of emerging leaders in India to undertake a journey of inquiry into ecocentric perspectives. The ICA team, along with academics and indigenous thought leaders from India and Australia, guides the group through a collaborative research process with webinars and discussions via zoom calls, to inquire how this perspective can impact their environmental leadership and consequently, the projects they work on.
At the end of the 6-month process, the members are invited to present their journey and impact in writing or any other format that could be published along with articles from the thought leaders.

The group is also supported in this journey through facilitation, coaching and spaces created for peer to peer support by the ICA team, which will also design and organize the programme, and document this journey in the form of a series of recorded webinars, publications, a documentary, and an online repository of resources.

Indo-Australian Research Colloquiums on Ecocentric perspectives

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Regular colloquiums to highlight current research in ecocentric perspectives from India and Australia to provide spaces for cross pollination of ideas and inspire collaborative projects.

Community awareness campaign

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A campaign to invite and engage artists, writers, students and indigenous communities to witness the current unprecedented loss of ecological worlds and offer their response as writing, art, songs, story or ceremony.

These will be collected in an online repository, and select works will be published and exhibited. The ICA team will also create a short documentary exploring the responses of Indigenous communities to their current experience of loss, their adaptation strategies, and community resilience stories.

Co-designed Environmental Leadership Course 

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An environmental leadership course co-designed by various community collaborators, and partner organizations and institutions with Indigenous thinking and ecocentric worldviews at its core.
To be implemented in 2022

” If dominating and destructive relations to the Earth are interrelated with gender, class, and racial domination, then a healed relation to the Earth cannot come about simply through technological ‘fixes’.
It demands a social reordering to bring about just and loving interrelationship between men and women, between races and nations, between groups presently stratified into social classes, manifest in great disparities of access to the means of life.
In short, it demands that we must speak of eco-justice, and not simply of domination of the earth as though that happened unrelated to social domination.”
– Rosemary Radford Ruether

ICA’s Indo-Australian Collaborative Platform 2021 has been funded by the Australian Government through the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (#AAGS)

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