Conversation on Eco-Centric perspectives

With Ashish Kothari & Danielle Celermajer

ICA’s first monthly talk in a series on Ecocentric Perspectives with Danielle Celermajer and Ashish Kothari!

Dany Celermajer consider how our confrontation with the realities of violence against and suffering of the more than human world renders inadequate traditional, human-centric conceptions and practices of justice. She discuss the idea of multispecies justice and reflect on how we might represent and engage with the more than human world in ways that make apparent the moral claims that other earth beings have upon humans.

Ashish Kothari explores the concept of Ecoswaraj through the lens of alternative approaches towards justice and sustainability. His talk includes examples from India and various other parts of the world and the broad frameworks emerging from them.

The talk is followed by a short Q&A session.

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