What does it mean to be alive during the 6th mass extinction?

A conversation with Four Arrows and Vasanth Godwin Bosco We live at a time of unprecedented ecological loss on this planet. Death of our kin from the more than human world has become ordinary and mundane as result of habitat loss, climate change and human greed. Death of our own has also come closer toContinue reading “What does it mean to be alive during the 6th mass extinction?”

Conversation on Eco-Centric perspectives

With Ashish Kothari & Danielle Celermajer ICA’s first monthly talk in a series on Ecocentric Perspectives with Danielle Celermajer and Ashish Kothari! Dany Celermajer consider how our confrontation with the realities of violence against and suffering of the more than human world renders inadequate traditional, human-centric conceptions and practices of justice. She discuss the ideaContinue reading “Conversation on Eco-Centric perspectives”